Aston Origin – The best microphone for $249

8 марта 2017

To achieve high-quality sound for video recording, insufficient microphone that is built into the camera. For example, now I'm using a lapel microphone that sounds better, than the built-in camera microphone and has very small dimensions.

This makes it ideal for sound recording for video. But for voice over dimensions of microphone not so important, so it is possible to use studio condenser microphone with large diaphragm. This type of microphones give you possibility to record speech better. For this purpose, I've ordered a very interesting microphone. This microphone is so unique, that most likely, in his moment I am the only one blogger in the Russian-speaking YouTube, who use this microphone for recording sound for video.

This is the Aston Origin

British microphone by Aston Microphones brand. There are several features that distinguish this mic from the rest and because of that I chose this mic. If you look at technical characteristics most of the modern microphones middle and high price category you may find that the characteristics are very similar.

The frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz more or less flat frequency response, low noise and distortions. But, nevertheless, the sound with similar characteristics microphones is very different. It turns out that it is impossible to guide only technical specifications when you choose microphone. The sound of the microphone is not measured by numbers. The sound - is a very subjective factor, and, at the same time, One of the most important. Aston Microphones engineers created the microphone a very interesting way.

They gathered a focus group of the best 33 British producers and sound designers and at every stage of design of microphone from the development of the body, windscreens and circuit to creation of the capsule organized blind tests.

That is, did several versions of the capsule, and a focus group choose the best one, again, they make some changes and again staged a blind test. Each detail of microphone was finishing off this way. As a result, we got a microphone, which sounds verified and perfected by the best specialists of sound recording. This fact, to be honest, interested me.

I wanted to have a microphone like that.

The second important factor - how long the microphone will be in working condition?

Studio mics are usually very tender. They are afraid of even small shocks, bumps and after few years of using their body is often covered by scratches and lose its shape. The grid, which protects the capsule is usually Aston Origin is not afraid of bumps and shocks. The capsule is so well protected that it will not be damaged in case of dropping microphone from the table or from the stand. Thanks to a good shock absorber inside the microphone, you can use the mic without a shock absorber. microphone housing is not painted. It processed by a special procedure, it is not climb rounded and not scratched.

It is impossible to bruise or spoil the grid. At the same time, the acoustic characteristics of the grid are better than in other microphones. Also, protection against electromagnetic interference is better. Grid well disperses air strikes and works as a pop filter. Is not necessary to bu an extra pop filter. Let's take a closer look at each element. The body is made of thick metal. Even if you manage to scratch it, special surface treatment hides scratches and scuffs, the appearance of the microphone remains unchanged. Below the microphone housing, except XLR-connector there is a socket for mounting the microphone directly to the rack. additional shock absorber is not required. on the body of mic there are two switches. One of them controls the sensitivity - 0 dB and -10 dB. Second one - cutting low frequencies.

Grid of microphone it's know-how of the developer.

It consists of two layers. Inner layer - it is randomly woven metal fibers.

Developers call this grid MashHead.Chaotic weave doesn't color the sound. Meanwhile, dissipates of air shocks Additional pop filter can not be used. Also, the chaotic weave much better protects the capsule from electromagnetic interference The grid can even be removed and rinsed if necessary. The second layer - a wavy spring which can be deformed to absorb impact energy and then spring back its original shape easily. the capsule within the microphone is mounted on a special dampers that absorb the vibration from the housing of the microphone in case the microphone is used without a shock absorber and protect the capsule in case of a fall.

let's draw conclusions In the development of the microphone was attended by the best British sound engineers and producers Housing is very reliable and will not lose the appearance even in the case of not very careful use. The grid can not be hurt, it quickly recovers original state. The microphone can survive in case of drops and bumps. You can use the mic without shock absorber and pop filter. The manufacturer is relatively young. And still does not increases the price "for the brand." Microphone costs only $250, and in comparative tests outperforms more expensive microphones I recorded a few tests of Aston Origin and other microphones as the same price range, and worth more than $1000. The microphone has a clear, detailed sound with a little raised high frequencies.

Speech and vocals written very legibly, thanks clean and bright hi frequencies, the voice fits well in the mix and not lost in the music. All microphones, which I tried before Aston Origin, even at the cost of about $ 1,000, require tone correction.

With Aston Origin situation is radically different.

The sound from a microphone such as I need. It does not require equalization The only treatment that I apply to the voice, recorded to this microphone - a small compression.

In my subjective opinion, the idea of developers to use the experience of the best British experts in the sound recording field worked by 100%.

By the above, I can only add that it is the most unusual studio microphone, which I've ever held in my hands. Good sound, the original design of the safety grid, built-in shock absorber and pop filter. And, of course, a very nice price for such a gorgeous sound. There is only one disadvantage at the moment it is impossible to buy this mic in Ukraine or Russia It can only be ordered from the United States or Europe. I've ordered it from Europe.

Shipping of the microphone lasted two weeks And because the microphone is not afraid to shock and shake I was not too worried that the postal service can drop the mic.